The following articles focus on Travel, including suggestions, tips and guidance for establishing travel companions:

Surviving a Long Cruise
Many people have asked this question “don’t you get bored when spending days at sea?” especially when thinking about taking a 30-day or longer cruise. After taking a 52-day cruise from Vancouver to Singapore, the author of this article interviewed herself in an attempt to answer the many questions her friends had asked about spending so much time away from home with days between ports of call. Read the article here

Cruises for Singles.
Vacations-to-Go is a website that specializes in pulling together a variety of cruises especially for singles. Cruising is one of the most enjoyable and convenient ways to see the world. Whether you are looking for a Hosted Singles Cruise with a fun-loving group or you are merely trying to find the lowest possible price for a solo traveler, your might want to check out this website if for no other reason than to give you a sense of what’s available. Read the article here.

Yukon Ho! on the Alaska Highway!
Donna Hull, publisher of the My Itchy Feet blog, had traveling the Alaskan highway on her bucket list for quite some time. When wildfires attacked her Montana homeland, she decided it was to hit the road…a road trip to get away from the smoke and fire. The road trip turned into an adventure of a lifetime. Continue reading

Matching with a Travel Companion
Single people who like to travel often don’t take advantage of traveling to some wonderful places because they don’t want to travel alone.  Not wanting to travel alone may be because of various reasons.  Places that have a reputation of romance often can feel depressing to a person traveling alone. Continue reading…

Vacation on Chesapeake Bay for Singles 50 and Over
Summer is here and our thoughts turn to vacation. A great place to vacation for singles 50 and over (or for anyone for that matter) is the Chesapeake Bay region. If you like water-oriented recreation, fresh air, great seafood, beautiful vistas, boating, fishing, bay cruises, quaint historic towns and sunsets over water, then the Chesapeake Bay is for you!  Continue reading…





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