Class Reunions (and the Anxiety) are Happening Again!

40th-reunionClass reunions are happening again. This results in feelings of anxiety for many people who open the mail and see the announcement of their upcoming class reunion. Anxious thoughts come for many reasons – often for Boomers and Seniors it’s about attending alone.

Most of the time, if you have someone to go with, your anxiety level is kept in check. It’s usually the oneness, the going alone, by oneself, that causes worry. We worry that everyone else will notice each imperfection or negative quality. Sometimes it’s the unease of traveling alone. It is always more fun and reassuring to go somewhere with a friend.

Now is the time to reconnect with anyone from your class who is still in your address book.Check to see whether they are going too. There is safety in numbers! Going as a group (large or small) will ease the anxiety of standing out and feeling like the spotlight is on you.

If you cannot gather a group, even one other person will dissipate the tension. If you cannot find one other person, don’t give up. Try online sites that connect people. Most sites are “dating” sites and this may feel uncomfortable. You may feel like you’re looking for a gigolo or “escort.” That’s not what you want, nor the impression that you want to give. is a site that specializes in connecting people. Connections can be for dating of course, but also for companions, travel buddies and even house sharing mates. Each and every reason that you have for wanting to connect with someone should be checked in the profile and explained in the narrative portion of the profile. No mistakes, no misunderstandings – you can be very clear about your intentions.

The special Group sections can be of further help for some. There are a few groups at this point and these will increase as new members join in various locations. There is a ready-made group for alumni of Penn State University. Join the site, go to the Penn State Alumni Group section, and start a chat with other members. Someone like-minded will surely want to go to a reunion with you.

Regional sites may have similar benefits. You will find that you have things in common with others in that group and after chatting a bit you may want to meet up to attend a reunion together as friends.

For Boomers and Seniors, attending reunions is a different experience than attending when we were out of school for just 10 years. At that time there was usually anxiety about having a girlfriend or boyfriend, being married or not, having a good job (or any job). By the time we’re Boomers or Seniors, having a friend to go with will make all the difference in the world.

Take another look at that Reunion invitation….You may have a great time!

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