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Grandma Gets a Reboot – How boomer women are redefining the role
The September edition of the AARP Bulletin features an article about boomer-aged women do not fit the stereotype of the gray-haired granny, but are remarkably young in behavior while in their 60’s and 70’s. The article quotes several interesting statistics:

  • the average age of the first-time is 47
  • grandparents spend $57 billion each year on their grandchildren
  • 62% of grandparents are still working
  • 53% help with educational expenses
  • 43% travel more than 200 miles to see a grandchild.

Read the article here (you need to be a subscriber to the AARP to access the article

Let’s Disrupt Aging and Rethink Getting Older
The author challenges all of us to reimagine what it means to get old. Let’s disrupt aging. Let’s upend our thinking around what it means to get older. To disrupt aging, we need to own our own age. We need to get to the point where we’re no longer defined by the old expectations of we should or should not do at a certain age. Read the article here.

Youthfulness is a State of Mind
The author contends that age is on the calendar, youthfulness is a state of mind. He argues that some people are old at the age of 50 while others are youthful, vibrant, and passionate at the age of 80. Who is older the person who at 50 sits in front of the TV watching I love Lucy re-runs or the person who at 80 is out there salsa dancing? Read the article here.

Why Boomer Women Are Hot For Erotica E-Books
The author contends that men are stimulated by graphically explicit sexuality while women are drawn to written erotica. With the publication of 50 Shades of Grey there has been an explosion of published erotic material. The combination of the abundance of books, the electronic tablet and online ordering makes buying and reading erotica anonymous and available to women without embarrassment. Read the article here.

The 10 Best Places for Single Seniors to Retire.
Dating is increasingly becoming a part of the retirement years. But some cities have considerably more single seniors than others. U.S. News used Census Bureau data to calculate this list of places with the most single seniors age 55 and older. Individuals who are separated, divorced, widowed, and never married were counted as single. To improve your odds of meeting other single seniors, only metro areas with populations of over 100,000 are included in this list. This site shows a series of slides along with a description of the city and some demographics relevant to single retirees. Read the article here.

10 Ways to Calm Yourself Down.
Do you struggle with overwhelming emotions? When you get angry, sad or scared, does the emotion come at you with the force of a tsunami? Does it crush the good feelings you had just a short time ago? Does it overpower your ability to think straight? Does it engulf the positive feelings you have for a loved one? You need some tools to help you calm yourself down. Continue Reading…

Who Are the Baby Boomer Generation?
Baby Boomers were born between 1946-1964 following the end of WWII. When our soldiers came home from the war, we were in an economic boom. Young couples married by the droves and began having babies. These babies in turn created booms in many areas creating an economic surge. This article traces the development of this generation from the 50s through 2000.  Read the article here.

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