Spring is here! Can Class Reunion anxiety be far behind?

The mention of Class Reunions can cause anxiety for some, depression for others and both anxiety and depression for even others.

Reunions are classically the gatherings of alumni to check in with each other, revel in their memories of good times back at school, and to flaunt their success, progress and partners.  Those who feel good about themselves usually look forward to these events with excitement.

This last sentence holds the key to “Reunion Anxiety”.  It’s all about how a person really feels about herself or himself.  Its not just at reunion time….it’s about how they feel about themselves everyday.  The interesting part is that there isn’t always a one-to-one correlation between how successful one is and how good a person feels.

For many years I have seen patients who by any objective judgment would be seen as successful, accomplished and having a “perfect” life.  But, that person may be very unhappy with themselves, their life and feel unworthy of their “good life”.   The patients that I see in psychotherapy are aware of this discrepancy and often seek therapy because they realize that they really should be happier, or have more self-confidence or self-esteem.   Sadly…many people don’t have this self-awareness and don’t seek help.  They are convinced that they really are not worthy, or that they really don’t have a good life.

Going to a Class Reunion is often a very interesting life experience.  You will see how people have grown, developed and evolved into life.  As a psychologist, I of course find this fascinating.  Having that focus, or point of view is also good because it takes the focus off oneself.  It’s not about “What will they think of ME”.  But, “Gee, I wonder what everyone has been doing?”.

Think about your own focus.  Think about how much fun it could be to see old classmates and see what they’re doing these days.  If you’re considering attending or planning a reunion a great site to visit is ReunionPlanner.com.  Many more tips, plans and products for a fun reunion.

Let’s hear from you.  What have your experiences been with Reunion Anxiety?  Have you attended reunions?  What experiences have you had?  Good experiences?  Bad experiences?  Funny experiences?  Your experiences and “tips” could help others on this site too.   Do you worry about not having a partner?

BoomerPremierDating.com can help!

Hope to hear from you!


By Elaine Rodino


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