Home sharing by seniors can be a beneficial source for companionship, income, and travel companionship. As a senior you may find yourself living alone as a result of the passing of a spouse or perhaps a divorce. The kids have long since moved out and maybe live in a different region. While you may not be ready to move out of your home to a senior living residence it is easy to feel alone in your home. Home sharing can be the solution.

The trick is to do it right. By home sharing we mean inviting another person to live in your home, pay rent and become part of your household. Plan first then carry out your plan.

Start by deciding what you want to get from home sharing. There are numerous benefits to be derived including independence, rental income, household help, transportation sharing, and companionship. Which ones are you most interested in? Then consider the kind of person you’d like sharing your home with – the profile form on SeniorPremierDating.com can help you with this. You should also discuss this with a daughter or son, or a close friend or relative.

The home share match-up process can consist of a number of steps that take you from profile/application to move-in, such as:

Application or Profile. Both home provider and home seeker should fill out a profile or application similar to the Home Sharing profile section of the SeniorPremierDating.com web site.

Interview. Conduct in-person interviews in a public place with the home seeker and take along a friend or daughter or son. Mutually getting to know each other by meeting several times is vitally important and helps make good matches.

Home visit. After you’ve met and felt comfortable with the home seeker have him or her visit to your home and also request to visit theirs.

Reference check. Home seeker references must be sought and checked by the home provider, and it’s ok for both of you to do background checks run by commercially operated background check services that can be found online.

Prepare and sign a Home Share Agreement. The written home share agreement is very important. It spells out all obligations, such as rent amount and due date, and hours and types of services to be provided. It also lists any restrictions, such as what hours guests are welcome, and whether smoking or pets are allowed. The agreement should also spell out how much notice a participant should give before moving out (30 days is typical). And it should spell out acceptable reasons for terminating the home share immediately — nonpayment of rent or failure to perform services as agreed, for example.

When all of the steps are done properly home sharing can be an enjoyable and financially beneficial experience.


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Robert J. Rodino, Ph.D. is Vice President for Planning and Finance of Senior Premier Dating, LLC, and is its Chief Financial Officer. He is also President and founder of California Seniors Santa Barbara, LLC a developer of senior housing, and President of Rodino Associates, a consulting firm in urban revitalization. Dr. Rodino received his Ph.D. in Urban Planning from UCLA in 2003. He was awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation” by the City of Los Angeles for his many years of work on Los Angeles economic development. In 2008 the UCLA Department of Urban Planning awarded him “Most Valuable Alumnus of the Year” for his work in creating and chairing a conference on affordable housing and transit-oriented development, and for raising money for student scholarships.

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