Q: What services are provided through the coaching program?One-on-one sessions between subscribers and date coach evaluating common dating issues faced by the subscribers.

  1. One-on-one sessions between subscribers and date coach evaluating common dating issues faced by the subscribers.
  2. Webinars led by experienced dating coaches dealing with topics common to dating for those 50 and over.

Q: Are these services included with a subscription to 50+Connects?

Yes, but one-on-one coaching services are accessible for those who subscribe for 3 or 6 months. Subscribers will have access to these services. Coaches will happily provide dating coaching services whenever needed. Subscribers can use up to one hour of coaching per month. If you want additional time with your coach you may contract independently with him or her.

Q: How do I select my coach?

Select from our 50 PlusConnects Roster of Dating Coaches. A summary of date coaching experience, a short bio and a photograph of each coach along with their contact information is posted on our website. Once you select a coach of your choice and provide your contact information, the coach will contact you to schedule a mutually convenient appointment for the coaching session(s) A schedule chart will be used.

Q: What are common topics covered during coaching?

  • How to write your profile.
  • How to choose an attractive photo to post.
  • Where to go on a first date.
  • How and when to check out the background of the other person.
  • Things to avoid saying or doing.
  • How to handle any topic that you encounter in a dating situation

Q: How do I communicate with my coach?

Communication occurs through video, audio, or texting. The first coaching session will be through video so that your coach can best assess your current situation.

Q: What is the length of each coaching session?

Subscribers will be allocated one hour of coaching per month for 3 or 6-month subscriptions. .

Q: Can one-month subscribers participate in one-on-one coaching?

One-on-one coaching is available only to 3-month subscribers or longer. One-month subscribers have full access to the coaching webinars and to the rest of the website, can post their profile, search other members, read articles and view webinars.

Q: Can I break up my hour session into smaller sessions during each month?

Yes, coaching sessions may be divided into segments as agreed upon between you and your date coach.

Q: How do I know my coach is credible?

Our coaches have been selected based on their experience. Each coach has at least two years of active date coaching experience or relationship counseling, are members of a major date coaching or professional association, and have experience in coaching and counseling people aged 50 and over.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with my coach?

If you feel it is necessary, you may report  a complaint about  a coach by emailing the 50PlusConnects webmaster who will promptly report it to the management. We will investigate the complaint and take whatever steps we feel are appropriate, including removal of the offending individual from the 50PlusConnects website. In the event that a subscriber is removed he/she will forfeit any fees paid to 50PlusConnects. This transaction will be confidential.

Q: Can any unused coaching sessions carry over to my next subscription?

Unused coaching sessions or portions of sessions may not be carried over to a new subscription. Subscribers are encouraged to use all of their allotted coaching sessions during their subscription period.

Q: Can the coaching program act as a therapy session?

Coaching is not psychotherapy and coaches are not practicing psychotherapy through the program. If you and/or your coach believes that psychotherapy is indicated, you can be referred to an appropriate resource.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

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