Valentine's Day cardsSeems to me that Valentine’s Day has become weird.

I’m not really sure how this all got started. Do you know? Why is it that the guy is always expected to buy the roses, the romantic card, or the jewelry? What expectations are on the gal in this process?

It’s the guy that traditionally asks, “Will you be my Valentine?” Oh My!! What if the gal asks that question? What if the female buys the long stem roses, the romantic card, and that special man gift? How did things go so astray from the way they started way back when we were kids?

Really now….What are you all thinking?

Valentine Cards are available for everyone and for every possible relationship in our life. This actually begins in pre-school. Classmates give each other Valentines, the teacher gets Valentines, the teacher gives all the kiddies Valentines….etc. Many children get Valentines from their parents and they often give their parents Valentines well into their adulthood. So, this all seems very natural. It begins in a natural way. At the pre-school level it indicates an acknowledgement of Valentine’s Day itself. Those little cards could just as well say “Happy Lincoln’s Birthday.” The children simply like giving these greeting cards and receiving them.

As we grow up we realize that Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE. Seems too, that as we grow up, we continue to feel just fine giving our auntie, our grandma and our parents Valentine cards…but as for our friends ….wait a minute….that gets weird!

Weird. Did I say weird? Well just think! As an adult, if you really like someone, and it’s Valentine’s Day, people become anxious about expressing their feelings through a Valentine’s Card. Now that certainly seems weird. Especially after just noticing how smoothly things went when we were all kids. When and why does that change occur? Who made the new rules? Why can’t there be a continuation of the flow of good feelings: “like” feelings and a sense of love communicated with everyone? Kids, teens, adults and 50+ people can all communicate their like of another and show it with a card, a flower or flowers, or a special gift.

Valentine’s Day can be a day that we’re all allowed to express our good feelings toward someone who is special to us. No pressure to do this; just the good feeling of doing it, and that’s not weird.

Happy Valentine’s Day to All.

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Elaine Rodino, PhD., is CEO of Senior Premier Dating LLC, is a licensed psychologist in private practice. She is a fellow of the American Psychological Association (APA), Pennsylvania Psychological Association and the Los Angeles Society of Clinical Psychologists. Dr. Rodino is a past president of the APA Divisions of Independent Practice, The Society for Media Psychology and Technology, Central Pennsylvania Psychological Association, Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA), the Foundation of LACPA, and recipient of the Distinguished Lifetime Contribution to Media Psychology Award, and the Distinguished Service Award to LACPA. She has appeared on T.V. and radio and contributes to magazines, newspapers and online health sites on issues regarding Couples, Relationships, Sandwich Generation, Holiday Blues, and other popular topics.

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