Some people love to make New Years Resolutions. Some hate it. What is the psychology of making New Years Resolutions….is it a good thing? Or not?
Here are some common resolution “behaviors” and ways of thinking.

  • Saying you’re going to make a New Years Resolution, at the least, defines for you something that you are aspiring to achieve. You can Resolve to diet, stop drinking, stop smoking. On the positive note you can Resolve to start exercising, look for a better job, do volunteer work.
  • You may decide on a “start” date. This is most often January 1st, but it can be set a couple of days later, especially if you’re still celebrating the holiday, out of town, on vacation.
  • Knowing what you have in mind as a resolution is a good thing. It lets you know pretty clearly what you would like to do that is “good” for yourself. We often don’t do enough things that are good for ourselves…and usually New Years Resolutions are good for us in one way or another.
  • Its good to give some thought about actualizing the resolution; that is, how are you going to really do this. Are you going to quit smoking cold turkey? Or are you going to get a nicotine patch? Are you going to diet on your own, or are you going to use a program that you used previously? Or a new program? Etc.
  • Imagine yourself having achieved your goal. Imagine how it feels to be successfully fulfilling your promise to yourself…and then the knowledge that you actually achieved what you set out to achieve. How does it feel to imagine this?
  • Are you notorious for making New Years Resolutions year after year….and then breaking them? Do you have little faith in yourself to succeed this year? Do you need help in keeping you on track? Can a friend help, a support group? A counselor?

If you are serious about creating and achieving a New Years Resolution do give it lots of thought and plan for it. You will be making a change that you have already defined for yourself that it isn’t easy to do. So realize that you will need to work hard at it and get the support you need.

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