Old barriers have fallen and disappeared in today’s dating and marriage world. Gay marriage, Cougar dating, Young ladies dating and marrying older men, have now become the common happenings in everyday lifestyles. It seems though most all-dating sites have stayed in the past! Young ‘Christian Singles’, Middle-aged men for middle-aged women, Older single for older ladies, etc. have flooded the Internet. What about older men and young women? …Older women and young men. .. Older men and young men? The barriers are fast disappearing for a happy relationship in our world today.

What we are missing is a website for the many, many thousands of available singles waiting for the ‘right’ one. There are thousands of young women who want the security and love of an older man that will fulfill their need. Older men want the energy, beauty and the world of a younger companion to fulfill their need to feel younger and wanted in their golden years. Older women need the desire of a younger man to satisfy their need to be loved and wanted. Many younger men need the wisdom and intelligence of an older woman that will fulfill their life. All of this is now acceptable in today’s society…. A ‘ Free For All ‘ need for a desire to be happy, where numbers are just numbers, and age is secondary to a solid and lasting relationship.

Gay or straight, old or young, we all want the same thing…. A HAPPY LIFE!

by B. Well

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    Dr. Elaine Rodino

    October 14, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Compatibility is not always what most people expect. Often similarity and compatibility are seen as the same. Surprise! They are not. Some very different people can couple off into a very compatible twosome. I wonder how much prejudice within society perpetuates the myth of sameness being the necessary ingredient. In my psychology practice I’ve seen some very happy couples who were quite different by typical standards.

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