When it comes to gift ideas for your daughter or daughter-in-law, you’ll want to take into account their personality, likes, dislikes, temperament and so on. When reviewing the list below, a few ideas will likely pop out as promising options while others will clearly yell, “Don’t give this gift to HER!”

You will use your own wisdom and discernment, of course. Simply use the list below to get your ‘thinker’ thinking.

Day of babysitting: For those who have children, many would love nothing more than a free day to run errands, do the grocery shopping alone or watch TV with no interruptions.

House cleaning: Not all women would appreciate a stranger coming in to clean, but some women would love and appreciate this gift.

Month Club: Does your daughter or daughter-in-law love fruit, meat, licorice or cheese? Consider giving a “food of the month club” gift. There are so many fun options available online.

Groceries: Tough month for your daughter or daughter-in-law? Consider buying a cart of groceries and dropping them off. Include a few treats in the mix!

Date night: Perhaps she would like a date night out with her husband or partner? You foot the bill.

Zoo membership: Would she enjoy a family gift more than a personal gift? Some women would rather have a gift like this, as opposed to something singular. If this sounds like your daughter or daughter-in-law, it may be a great option.

Games: Are they a game playing family? There are many terrific family games on the market to choose from.

Museum membership: If she finds a trip to the museum relaxing or educational, this is a nice gift to offer.

Fast food gift cards: Not all moms or women enjoy fast food. If she does, however, giving gift cards is a positive option. If she can put a few $5 or $10 cards into her purse, this may come in handy on long drives or car-pool days. Choose her favorite places, of course, keeping healthy eating in mind.

Boat ride: How about a nice boat ride? Many town lakes offer this: daytime and evening rides. Buy passes!

Fair tickets: Would she enjoy a trip to the fair with her family? Personally, this makes my hair curl. I know some women who love the fair, though, and getting family tickets would tickle their fried-food enjoyment bone.

Magazines: From Forbes and Entrepreneur to Rachel Ray or Sports Illustrated… there are lots of magazine subscriptions to choose from. A gift that keeps on giving, all year long.

Charity donation: Do you have a daughter or daughter-in-law who dislikes getting gifts? However, you find yourself wanting to get one, nonetheless? How about making a charity donation in her name? Be sure to choose HER favorite cause!

Circus tickets: You darn near need a second job in order to pay for a day at the circus. Some women/moms might really appreciate this gift: a fun day out that they don’t have to pay for.

AAA membership: This is a practical and boring gift, in the minds of many. My mom has given us this gift numerous times and I’ve appreciated it. It’s wonderful having a AAA membership!

Nutcracker tickets: My folks took us to the Nutcracker during childhood. It’s a memory I cherish. I would love to receive tickets for our family to attend, and I bet a few other moms would agree.

Guilt-free visit: This sounds a bit funny but some women/moms would like nothing more than a visit from you… guilt-free. No negative comments made about the kids and their eating habits, no finger testing for dust, no scrubbing of the toilets hoping to point out just how gross they really are. You get the point. Make a little card up saying, “This gift provides you with one guilt-free visit!” It may even invoke some laughter and wise-cracks, lightening the mood for everyone.

Farm tickets: We love the farm! Our local farm charges $18 a ticket. What a nice gift it would be to receive family tickets for a day on the farm. If your daughter or daughter-in-law would enjoy a family trip to the farm, this would be a super gift.

Opera tickets: This one, of course, is just for the parents. They will need a sitter, too!

Spa day: For the woman/mom who needs a day at the spa and a day of pampering. Just be sure this lovely lady won’t take offense. Add a little note: “This in no way implies you are not already beautiful. Because you are. But I see how much you do for your family and I want you to enjoy a day just for YOU. You deserve it.”

Day-with-a-personal-shopper: My sister would love this gift! Boy, oh, boy. If my mom gave her a personal shopper appointment, she’d be giddy for weeks. What fits her body best? What shoes are the best for her feet? What length dress works for her body type? What boots are the most flattering during winter time? Some women would adore this present.

Make-over: This one is tricky. Make sure your daughter or daughter-in-law would want this, before offering such a gift. Would she take offense to your “make-over” offer? If not, this is a nice gift to give.

Manicure/Pedicure: Ahhh…a peaceful little break while someone else rubs your hands and feet? Many women/moms would be grateful for this one.

Car detail: This is a fantastic gift to give if your daughter or daughter-in-law is always complaining about the messy car. The kids! The coffee spills! The juice! No matter how often we clean, the car never looks good enough. A nice detail fixes that… even if it only lasts for a few days.

Offer to host her yard sale: This sounds silly but some women want to run a yard sale but they can’t find the time to organize it. If this sounds like your daughter or daughter-in-law, consider offering up your time and services. Help her sort, organize, price and promote. You can also offer to help on the day of the sale, so the kids are not under-foot.

Coffee/Tea Club: Is she is a coffee or tea drinker? These monthly clubs are fun and continue to deliver gifts all year long.

Pay a bill for her: This is for the oh-so-practical woman. Can’t think of a better gift to give? Offer to pay one of her bills!

Technology: Do you really, really, really like your daughter or daughter-in-law? Do you have some extra funds just sitting around, waiting to be spent? She may enjoy an iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc.

Night at a hotel: Does she need a night away? A night at the hotel might be just the ticket. Go – enjoy – relax!

Husband-related gifts: Some women would love to receive gifts related to their husband’s childhood. Is there something you can give, as a gift, that would make a great heirloom or keepsake? Something that can be passed down to her kids? There are lots of websites now, offering to turn memorabilia into lasting keepsakes.

Hopefully this will spur some gift ideas for the daughter or daughter-in-law in your life! And keep in mind: a smile and a kind word are ever-welcome gifts in the life of every woman.

By Shara Lawrence-Weiss


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