Are you a boomer or senior entrepreneur?

I recently took a webinar about how boomers and seniors are increasingly becoming entrepreneurs – entitled “Gray is the New Gold” (see my article under “Articles” on this website). The speakers expounded on how this is a relatively new phenomenon – retired or semi-retired folks starting their own businesses, volunteering their skills to non-profits, and mentoring younger entrepreneurs. So, we were wondering how you were doing out there in the world of entrepreneurship? As you look for dates, companions, travel buddies or someone to share your home, drop us a few lines on what your experience has been in becoming an entrepreneur, or what obstacles you have met that may have deterred you.

Supposedly almost 18% of boomers aged 55 to 64 have become self-employed and this percentage rises to 19% for those 64 and older! Geography plays an important role. Places like the Silicon Valley are obviously good places to start one’s own business, as is the New York City area. In fact most major metropolitan areas and smaller communities co-located with major universities are the ideal due to the availability of resources, (intellectual, capital) and infrastructure. However, in this new cyber-world (like it would seem that almost anywhere there is someone with the will to work creatively with their skills, a computer, and access to the web, can start their own business.

Let us know how you are doing. It will be good for all of us to hear from you.

By Bob Rodino


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About brodino

Robert J. Rodino, Ph.D. is Vice President for Planning and Finance of Senior Premier Dating, LLC, and is its Chief Financial Officer. He is also President and founder of California Seniors Santa Barbara, LLC a developer of senior housing, and President of Rodino Associates, a consulting firm in urban revitalization. Dr. Rodino received his Ph.D. in Urban Planning from UCLA in 2003. He was awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation” by the City of Los Angeles for his many years of work on Los Angeles economic development. In 2008 the UCLA Department of Urban Planning awarded him “Most Valuable Alumnus of the Year” for his work in creating and chairing a conference on affordable housing and transit-oriented development, and for raising money for student scholarships.

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