Remember that football game between the Nittany Lions and the OSU Buckeye’s? How about that great professor at UCLA, or that wonderful class reunion at Princeton’s Cap and Gown Club?

Aside from being world-class universities, Penn State, UCLA, Princeton, and dozens of other colleges and universities, have large and dedicated alumni and alumni associations. Memories of college and university life connect grads throughout their lives. The communities formed by these alumni associations foster camaraderie, common memories of friends, professors, parties, and noteworthy sporting events.

So it is natural for single grads of any age to seek the friendship of fellow graduates.

Friendships are easily made between fellow Nittany Lions, Bruins and Tigers. How much fun it would be to connect with other single grads to plan an event, a date, a meeting at an old familiar spot on campus! The ability to share memories of college years and enjoy present college events are the ingredients of good chemistry and good companionship. And who knows where that can lead?  

To encourage alumni connections we at and are creating ways for subscribers to connect to fellow graduates of their own colleges and universities through our web sites. We are consulting with our webmaster and designing algorithms that will allow subscribers to identify their college or university and their desire to meet fellow alums.

This capability should be available to our subscribers by early fall, in time for the new college year when activities flourish and the crisp fall weather stirs college memories. Let us know what you think of this idea and if you would like to be able to connect with fellow college alums.


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About brodino

Robert J. Rodino, Ph.D. is Vice President for Planning and Finance of Senior Premier Dating, LLC, and is its Chief Financial Officer. He is also President and founder of California Seniors Santa Barbara, LLC a developer of senior housing, and President of Rodino Associates, a consulting firm in urban revitalization. Dr. Rodino received his Ph.D. in Urban Planning from UCLA in 2003. He was awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation” by the City of Los Angeles for his many years of work on Los Angeles economic development. In 2008 the UCLA Department of Urban Planning awarded him “Most Valuable Alumnus of the Year” for his work in creating and chairing a conference on affordable housing and transit-oriented development, and for raising money for student scholarships.

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