Do you have a little extra time on your hands? Are you searching for a new way to keep active and busy? Consider diving into the world of Do-It-Yourself projects!

Beverly Holman at her art table

Beverly Holman at her art table

Beverly Holman, a California resident, cleverly deems herself a “Gizmologist.” ( Beverly enjoyed creating art as early as her teen years but like many budding artists, this didn’t provide the income needed in order to raise a family. Now, as an active Senior, Beverly has made the decision to circle back to her first love: Art. She shared with us:

“After I retired, I set myself up on a less stressful schedule.  I wanted to have my afternoons free, so that I would have time for my craft projects. I set up boxes for my supplies so that I can get them out easily.  Sometimes it is for as little as a half hour, and can be up to several hours. We have a family room where I have access to a CD player and television. I love to play music while I am working. I lose all track of time. You will find that creating is a rewarding escape and when your project is finished you have something you can be proud of that you can keep or sell.”

Many 50 Plus community members are enjoying a variety of DIY projects, as they now have the time and patience to appreciate this creative outlet. These projects can help to reduce stress, as well. Elaine Rodino, Ph.D. (a founding partner at 50+ Connects) shares:

“Accomplishing a task yourself can be a very positive experience. It can give a feeling of mastery and accomplishment. Whether it’s creating an art piece from scrap metal, or retiling the bathroom, you can have an exhilarated feeling upon completion. Art creation and DIY projects can help to reduce stress by boosting a sense of fulfillment and purpose.”

Here are a few things to consider as you get started:

  • Make a list of your personal interests. What do you enjoy doing? (Painting, cutting, sewing, knitting, wood working, gardening, etc)
  • What supplies will you need in order to get started?
  • What additional supplies will you need over time?
  • Do you plan to keep your projects or sell them?
  • If you want to earn an income from your creations, what steps will you need to take in order to make that happen? (Building a web site, setting up an Etsy page, promoting and advertising, etc)
  • Will you need a partner or will you do this on your own?


Are your creative juices flowing now? Write your ideas down and then share your thoughts with a trusted friend or relative. Explore this new world…the possibilities really are endless!

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