Question (from Maggie):

The busiest time of year for online dating is reported to be between the Sunday after New Years and Valentine’s Day. We’re asking Dr. Elaine why she thinks this is true.


Dear Maggie:

I have read that this is a busy time for online dating. The Wall Street Journal theorizes that many people are lonely during the holiday season so they gravitate to their computers. I believe there is more to the story. Over the many years I have been in practice, I find that I get bursts of additional new patients at the beginning of the New Year and in the fall. I have always thought that people sense a new beginning and a fresh start at the beginning of the calendar year and also at what is traditionally the beginning of the academic year. Once we are adults we think we’re past the influence of the academic year but the experience of a new and fresh start remains imbedded within us.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that as we begin the new calendar year we often feel as though we want to do better things – to make a fresh start: to be better in ways that we judge are better. One of the ways we create a fresh start is by reaching out more to others. We generate new friendships, socialize more, join additional social clubs or organizations, and we strive to find a good relationship.

Trying your hand at online dating may be a New Year resolution for some. For others, the resolution may be a choice to take action, locating a travel buddy for a long dreamed-of trip to Greece. You might be tired of living in a big house alone and hope to find a house sharing mate. offers these matching possibilities. The hopefulness of a new year and a fresh start will mean that there will be more people to choose from, too. Good wishes to all for a fresh start in 2015.

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